Sunday, November 6, 2016

I don't know who I want to write this to...I just know I need to write it.
To my grandmother Norah... I'm sorry that I don't use the " H " in my name.
I know that I an named after you, but growing up, I never knew about the H at the
end of my name....I'm sorry for that.

To my Grandfather Tom... in every picture of you, you always have smiling
twinkling eyes.. I love them..I love you and my gran, and really wish I could
have known you .

My Gran Cathy...thank you for always loving me...for giving me the values
I needed in my life...for accepting me no matter what. I learned from you
to have compassion, to love God..oh how I miss you...

To my mum..... this is hard to say, but I do have questions...
Why did you leave ? I mean I know why..I know you
left to be with him..
You did'nt just leave my left us all...three children.
Was it really more important for you to go with him?
I wish you could tell me...  I can't imagine just leaving
my children .
I think about it a lot these days, even though I'm still hurts,
do you know that ?

Dad...I love you more than words can say...wish you were here right now

Is there anyway I can get a hug from any one of you...I need it...
Crying  helps,..a little..
If any of you feel like helping me with my family history, I would
sure appreciate it.  I took the ancestry DNA..I really need some results on my Newman
side..I'm feeling you Newmans..please help...Love you x x

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